Which is the best baby diaper for your newborn baby ?

Remember newborn skin is soft and sensitive and as parents, we have to be extra cautious while choosing Diapers for our babies. We cannot take any chances with them and want the best for our babies. But who will tell us which diaper is best for the Baby?

I will share my personal experience with baby diapers. It was around February when we were expecting our first baby. We were very excited and worried at the same time because we knew very little about parenting, baby products, diapering, child vaccination etc.

As I was reaching my due date, the hospital had given me the list of essentials for the due date, Baby Diapers were one of them. Like all other mothers ,i opened my laptop  and started searching for best diapers available in the market.

Most of you must have heard the word diapers but for those who are new to the term diaper (American English) or a nappy (Australian English and British English), diaper is a type of underwear that allows the wearer mostly Kids (but not limited to kids) to defecate or urinate without the use of a toilet.

Diapers absorbs the baby urine and help contain the stool passed and prevent soiling or wetting of the clothing and keeps baby comfortable. Babies dont feel wet all the time and helps mothers from the hassle of changing the baby clothes every hour. Baby diapers need changing after a specific duration as every diaper brand claims a different absorption limit.

Failure to change Baby Diapers on a sufficiently regular basis can result in skin problems around the area covered by the diaper and it can be very irritating for the baby.

Now as we know what Baby Diapers do we should understand how important it is to choose the right diaper brand for your baby.

While i was browsing the brands on the internet. I was amazed to find out the wide variety and brands of diapers available. Brands were self-promoting with so many aspects being taken care of by the manufacturers.

It was a tough job to choose a single diaper from a wide range of brands. I was taking feedback from my friends and colleagues who had small kids. Everyone gave their own suggestions and preference.

One day i was talking to my school friend whose husband was a production manager in one of the worlds largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). She told me inside out of the material used and difference in types of Diapers.

That day i got to know about different types of baby diapers. Some were conventional which i had heard from my parents and family members.

Types of Diapers:

  1. Cloth DiaperThese are conventional diapers most of the parents must have heard of. Cloth Diapers are washable reusable diapers made up cotton or similar fabric. It is an economical replacement of standard disposable Diapers. The difference between cloth diaper and the regular disposable diaper is that cloth diaper cannot absorb or hold urine and thus baby gets irritated. It can be made in the home and re-used after proper cleaning and disinfecting it. I will preferably not recommended cloth diapers for working mothers as you will have to go with hasle of cleaning the cloth diapers and storing them until you can wash them.
  1. Standard Disposable Diapers: A disposable diaper consists of an absorbent pad sandwiched between two sheets of non-woven fabric. The pad is specially designed to absorb and retain body fluids, and the non-woven fabric gives the diaper a comfortable shape and helps prevent leakage. It is designed in such a way that you can easily wrap baby inside it.
  2. Pull Ups/Diaper Pants These diapers are closed and are worn like pants, which makes them highly convenient. It is recommended for slightly older babies in the age range above 1 year. (Personal recommendation).
  3. Training pants/underwear diaper: Shaped like underwear, it helps older infants transition to underpants during the potty training phase. The diaper is similar to a disposable pull-up pant, but a bit larger and looks more like a piece of clothing than a disposable diaper but is made of same absorbent material as regular disposable diapers. It just that it can be easily pulled up and down while potty training and baby feel comfortable in it. I recommend Kimberly Clark Huggies diaper in this section.
  4. Micro Diapers for premature baby: These diapers are meant for preterm infants. They are similar to standard disposable diapers but come in smaller sizes. Also, the waistband has a provision to accommodate the umbilical cord stub that is yet to heal.

I did a little research on diapers and found that 81% of the parents exclusively used disposable diapers, 15% used cloth & Disposable both, 4% used only cloth Diapers.

Eventually, i ended up getting confused and ordered 4-5 different brands of diapers.

Want to know what is material used to prepare disposable Diaper ?

The disposable diapers used now were developed through trial and error by many researchers which comprise of an inner layer of polyester that allows liquids to pass through to a layer of absorbent material and an outer waterproof plastic layer of poly ethylene film.

During the 1990’s a modification in the super absorbent polymer was developed. It uses a surface cross linker to reduce the “gel block” problem. Diapers continue to become thinner and more absorbent. For more details on the Diaper material and evolution please read.


This is not a promotional blog and i am not promoting and Diaper brands. I am sharing my personal experience so that it becomes easier for mothers to choose the right one for their little ones.

After a lot of use and reuse of different brands helped me to reach out to a conclusion that below are the best Diaper brands available in the market.

1. Pampers

2. Huggies

3. MamyPoko Pant

* The above listing is totally based upon personal use of products and do not guarantee the quality of these products.



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