Top 20 tips to keep your Toddler safe from in house and outdoor accidents.

You must have heard the phrase better to be safe than to be sorry but its more than that, when it comes to toddlers and growing kids, they are very energetic and full of enthusiasm. Precaution needs to be taken at every step to keep them safe of any injury which can happen due to in-house safety violations or one not being attentive outdoor.

Kids reach out to everything which is approachable and they can see. Now a days Pediatricians try to focus on educating parents about child safety, proper use of helmets and use of car belts since accidents are the leading cause of death for children. This is not to scare anyone but parents are unaware of less common dangers that don’t get as much publicity as drowning’s, car accidents, or house fires.

I am listing some of the most critical things today to keep in mind while raising your child.

1. No electrical circuit should be under reach of children:

How to avoid accidents with Kids and Toddlers

When your baby starts crawling, its experience of a lifetime. Parents needs to be more cautious at this time of electrical circuits, Small appliances, extension cord or wall outlet. Children may experience a low-voltage injury by touching, biting or chewing on an electrical cord. According to a study approximately 20% of all electrical injuries in US occur in children.

If you have a baby, this is the right time to cover all your hanging electrical wires with cord cover and seal all electric loose wires with Vinyl electric tape. It is highly recommended every parent should comply with National Electrical Code (NEC), or NFPA 70 for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment.

2.Keep Medicines out of reach of children:

How to avoid accidents with kids from medicines

According to a report toddlers are at greatest risk for medicine poisoning. Kids aged 1 to 2 years account for 70 percent of ER visits for medicine poisoning. 



Parents, baby sitters, caretakers of toddlers need to understand the risk associated with medicines accessible to kids. They should make sure they store medicines where toddlers cannot reach.

Parents and grandparents should make sure they don’t leave their medicine on the ground, in purses, in diaper bags, on counters and in refrigerators, accessible cabinets, and in daily medicine boxes used by adults to make it easier to take their pills. Make use of children safe medicine boxes. You can buy a few from here. Use medicines with childproof lid.

 3. Shopping Cart: 

Kids should not be moved around in shopping cart

Shopping carts are one of the leading causes of injuries in kids nowadays. Shopping carts have printed warning of injuries so parents with Kids age 1-5 should be more careful while taking their infant for shopping in Walmart, supermarket or mall.


 4. Child Car Seats:

Child Car SeatAccording to a finding, more than one third of children killed in car crash were not in child car seat during the crash or the seat belt was not worn.

Now a days there are strict rules for child seat and Police authorities run campaign to educate child safety during road trips. Kids should not sit on the front seats of the cars.

It’s the responsibility or parents and caregivers to select the right Car seat for their child and keep them safe from unforeseen danger.


5. Don’t leave your infants alone on stairs, elevators, and escalators:

Small kids should not be left un attended on escalators

When your toddler starts walking, they will try to reach everywhere they can. Kids below the age of 10-12 should not be left alone or un- attended on stairs, elevators and escalators. There have been major miss happenings in the past and are reported almost daily somewhere or the other.


6. Never lock your infants and kids in cars even for a few minutes:

Child should not be left un-attended in a car

A large number of accidents have been reported where parents left their kids in cars. Moe than 40 families each year undergo the trauma of death of their kids.

Mind you parents, caregivers this small mistake can lead to suffocation of your child and can even result in death.

There have been horrific incidents reported due to parent’s negligence resulting in death of kids.

In some countries it’s even illegal to leave your infant or toddler unattended in the car.

It’s highly recommended that parents use this child minder, back seat minder. Forgotten Baby Syndrome is one term most parents are unaware of. It refers to accidentally leaving a baby or young child in a locked car, often with tragic results.

7. Table and TV edges: 

When kids start crawling or walking they can hurt themselves with table and TV edges.

Young children like to climb on furniture and jump, sometimes heavy furniture, Specially Television can tip over them and lead to serious injuries.

Therefore, Parents should use Edge and Corner Guards to keep their kids safe.

Parents should install television on walls out of reach of kids.

8. Hot iron:

Hot Cloth Iron

Always use iron with preliminary precaution of using it away from infants and kids.

Hot iron can lead to severe burns in children as it uses high wattage electric supply and can be as hot as  Linen: 230 °C (445 °F), Triacetate: 200 °C (390 °F), Cotton: 204 °C (400 °F).

Parents should always use high quality iron boards and child safe irons.

9. Infants should not go to washrooms alone:

There is high possibility if small infant who has just started crawling gets access to bathroom. Baby might get hurt himself or lock himself accidentally into the washroom. Thousands of accidental drowning cases have been reported so strict no access to washroom alone for toddlers.

10. Infants should not have access to any room to which they can accidentally lock themselves.

Daily thousands of incidents are reported where infants lock themselves accidentally in the room. It is highly recommended for parents to use Child safety locks from amazon should be used.

11. No hot drinks should be carried or consumed while infants are around.

No Hot drink should be consumed with kids

Injuries due to burn are very common and parents should consider this advice, never ever drink hot coffee or any other fluid while you infant, toddler or young kid is around.



12. Don’t let your kids visit any construction site.

Dont Take your kids to any construction site

Parents should never take their kids to construction site. Even grownups are not recommended to a construction unless they can’t avoid it.

It’s worth noting that heavy bricks or construction material can fall from top resulting in serious injury or death.

13. Don’t leave your kids to cross road by themselves.

Child with father on road

One third of the road accidents occur with kids when they were alone crossing a busy road.

Parents, caregivers or baby sitters should always be there while kids are playing outdoors or crossing a busy road.


14. Don’t leave them alone on swings, slides.

Kids often are very energetic sometimes which lead to getting them hurt from swings and slides.

Kids should never be left alone on swing or slides.

Buy garden slides which are safe and economical.



15. Kids should not be left alone with pets in the house.

Pets are family no doubt about it. But when it comes to safety of your kids you should never leave them with dogs, cats.

There have been cases where infants were severely injured by their pet dogs and cats due to sudden unexpected attacks from their pets.

16. Should not leave kids on high beds.

Girl on High Bed

High beds often lead to injuries in infants. Infants have tendency to crawl over bed and accidentally fall from high altitude.

Parents should consider using low rise beds from Amazon or grills across beds.


17. Keep all doors cupboard doors closed, Kids have tendency to put their fingers between doors.

Hw to avoid accidents with infants putting their finders in the door

Kids often while playing in the house tend to put their finger in between door closure which can lead to sever finger injury.

Thanks to the technology now a days finger pinch guards are available in the market which can be easily installed between doors.

Parents should consider using low rise beds from Amazon or grills across beds from amazon

 18. Keep all sharp objects away from kids.

All sharp objects including Kitchen knife, scissors, and mechanical sharp equipment’s should be strictly kept away from reach of children.

That’s not all, kids are very precious for us parents should accompany kids everywhere as much as they can. Parents should train their kids to understand the risk from different things and they should understand while they are called loud of the danger from specific things.

19. This is one of the most important from all: Protection from child abuse.

Child abuse can be physical, sexual or mental. High number of cases are reported worldwide for child abuse every year.

Majority of the accused were known to victims. Being a responsible parent its your duty to keep your child safe from all dangers. Keep track and report of people who can harm your child.

Teach your child from early age to raise alarm to any physical approach by a stranger or a known.

20. Last but not the least:

I strongly recommend parents should only hire trained babysitter, caregivers to keep their kids safe.

Below are some products you might consider buying to avoid accidents. Happy Parenting

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