How to prepare yourself for the due date of pregnancy ?

Motherhood is special phase of life. If you are planning to have a baby or have already conceived and are not sure how to start planning things for the due date, hello! You have landed on the correct page.

Doesn’t matter how perfect you are at planning things when it comes to your baby you don’t want to take any chances. There will be lot of new words in your daily routine life of which you only heard and were never worried about. Your priorities are going to change.

If you are anxious and curious about start gathering things for your newborn and don’t know where to start? I will try to list down very important points to consider before your newborn arrives:

Medical Insurance

First thing you should have is a medical insurance from a reputed insurance provide which caters all the prenatal and post-delivery cost.

If you have already conceived and you decide to change an existing health insurance plan, I am afraid that will not be possible. Its better you choose an appropriate plan before becoming Pregnant. The federal government prohibits group health insurance plans from treating pregnancy as a pre-existing condition, but individual health insurance plans can legally treat pregnancy as a pre-existing condition, effectively denying you maternity coverage, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Preparing hospital Bag for due date:

I will recommend start from the hospital bag. Parents should have the hospital bag ready at the time of pregnancy by around 36th week as you may get the labor pain from any time after 36th week. Most babies arrive between 37 weeks and 41 weeks of pregnancy, usually within a week either side of their due date.

Today I am going to list out crucial items required while packing your hospital bag for due date:

Ideally you should pack one handbag which should be accessible while travelling from home to hospital and 2 bags one for mother and second one for baby for her stay at hospital.

You should consider the fact that your stay can be at least 48 hours (2 days) for Normal Vaginal Delivery and 96 hours for Cesarean sections excluding the day of delivery as per NEWBORNS’ AND MOTHERS’ HEALTH PROTECTION ACT OF 1996. 

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Handbag for the due date:

A handbag should contain the below items to be handy at the time of reaching the hospital.

  1. Documents: Documents including all pregnancy reports, doctor prescriptions, ID proof, hospital forms, insurance card.
  2. Water bottle.
  3. Change for Vending machines and car parking.
  4. Sanitizer

Mothers Bag for the due date:

Mothers bag should have the below items to be handy during her stay at the hospital.

  1. Morning Kit: Hairbrush, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Face wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizing lotion.
  2. 2 Pairs of Loose and light Nursing Gown
  3. Old Lose T Shirt
  4. Nursing Pads:
  5. Maternity Bra.
  6. Three Pairs of Non Skid Socks.

Baby Bag for the due date:

  1. Newborn swaddle diapers
  2. Baby Swaddle cloth
  3. Baby Pillow
  4. Feeding Pillow
  5. Baby Blanket
  6. Baby Rash Cream
  7. Two pairs of Comfortable baby clothes
  8. Two pairs of baby Towel
  9. Two Pairs of baby bath towel
  10. Baby mittens
  11. Baby wipes
  12. Formula Milk

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