Service Catalogue on Servicenow or Sharepoint

The use of a Service Catalogue helps IT departments reduce the cost of service delivery and increase the level of user satisfaction

Creation or updating Service Catalogue will help in reducing duplicate efforts and cost optimisation in organisations which is currently done for already existing service.

One location can use already existing mature service on another location and reduce duplicate efforts and money.

Major Steps in building a Service Catalogue:

  1. Selecting vendor/solution based on requirements, cost and features.
  2. Prepare an implementation plan
  3. Get approvals
  4. Implementation
  5. Testing
  6. Go live.

There are two main platforms for building Service Catalogue:

  1. SharePoint:

Major Benefits of using the existing Service Catalogue and go for an update of content.

  • Comes with E3 and E5 license of O365.
  • SharePoint online has better features.
  • Access control is available.
  • SharePoint online is easy-to-access, simple-to-navigate.
  • Survey and poll feature is available in new ServiceNow instance.
  1. ServiceNow: ServiceNow is the current market leader in ITSM applications. Service Catalog in ServiceNow codelessly automates workflows and approvals to enable organizations to improve the customer experience, accelerate service delivery and reduce operational costs. The Service Catalog’s APIs make using internal portals easy – no heavy scripting or customization is required.

 Major Benefits of moving to Service Catalogue in ServiceNow are:

  • Greater self-service by fulfilling all requests through an intuitive interface
  • Greater operational efficiency with accurate information, speedy process execution, and no duplicated effort
  • Publishing service levels and assessing demand for services, costs, and improvements are possible.
  • Better Control.

Cost estimations:


The expense of SharePoint online is already covered with Existing O365 license.


The target is to update all GIS existing services in the Service Catalogue which will improve user satisfaction and reduce cost.

In terms of end-users perspective:

  • Centralised Management of requests.
  • Simplicity for the user.
  • Self Service


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